arboricultural and horticultural consultant.
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Marian Hammond is a practising Senior Horticulturist who has been based in Queensland, mainly Brisbane, for over 20 years. In this time she has developed many practial skills that are invaluable in both assisting with project management, problem solving and design solutions in all levels of landscape construction. Marian has a strong focus in quality control and plant health.

As a Senior Horticulturist Marian has been:

  • Extensively involved in commercial and domestic landscaping
  • Teaching at various TAFE colleges
  • Heavily involved in nursery production and amenity horticulture
  • Had articles produced in industry and retail gardening magazines
  • Attended many professional development courses throughout Australia and Asia

Marian has a wealth of knowledge about plants and how they grow and what can go wrong within different landscapes.

Due to this extensive experience Marian offers a broad range of options for clients and customers in both residential and commercial fields. It is like a one stop horticultural shop where you can be guided and advised through numerous issues to produce best possible outcomes for clients.

Aboriculture - Commercial and Residential
         Level V Arborist for DA Applications, Plant Selection, Problem Solving...
Horticulture Services - Commercial and Residential
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Garden Design - Commercial and Residential
         For the creation of lush and flourishing gardens...
Body Corporate -
         Consultations, project management...
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